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Jane Mark talks 'Words That Pay'

Words matter. Words can heal. Words can reveal. Words can deflate. Words can create. Words can tell. Words can sell. Words can tire you. Words can inspire you. Words matter. Use the right words and money will flow. Use the wrong words and money will go.

Do you know which words to use?

Words That Pay will show you what words to use to increase your income anytime you need a cash flow boost.
1. You'll find out how to target people who want to buy what you are selling by using the right search terms and emotional buzz words.

2. You'll discover how to craft compelling copy that has your target audience fighting their way to your order button by using the power of emotional words that trigger action.

3. You can do all of this in under 3 seconds with the super smart Words that Pay search tool.
Here's how this amazingly simple system works...
First you login to your Words That Pay (WTP) member area. You click the Search Tool link. Enter a keyword or phrase that describes your product or service, select a minimum number of views, press search, and presto, just like magic, next to each video that appears you can see the titles, descriptions, and keywords used.

Anyone can do this! It is falling off a log easy.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

Why are we using YouTube video search results?

Two important reasons.

1. YouTube is owned by Google and it uses the Google search algorithm.

2. Because YouTube gives you highly targeted search results that you can use in your own marketing and turn into cash.

Words That Pay (WTP) will find all the videos that meet your search specs and display them on a page so you can clearly see the information you are after.

When you know what phrases people are actually searching on you can start using some of these phrases, terms and words in your own headlines and in your sales copy to crank out super compelling sales stories and begin to turn your readers into buyers.

But more than this...
No matter what kind of marketing you do. The Words That Pay (WTP) system will transform you into an expert marketer faster than a runaway bullet train.

* Email marketing
* Social media marketing
* Video marketing
* Webinars or hangouts marketing
* Blog posts marketing
* Directory marketing
* Article marketing
* Mobile marketing
* Traffic exchange marketing
* Call center marketing (phone scripts)
* Banner marketing
* Contextual marketing
* Squidoo and Hub page marketing
* Social bookmark marketing
* Search Marketing

But WAIT! There's more!
We also created 2 really cool PDF reports. The first one is about creating action headlines. We call it - 11 Powerful Ways to Increase Sales. The second report is called - Turn Keywords Into Cash. These comprehensive reports show you how to use the information that the search tool uncovers to craft new words for your own sales letters, emails, blog posts and articles. Words that pay.

Words That Pay...
* Is simple to use
* NO experience needed
* Affordable
* Price starts at just $17.00
* One time payments. NO recurring.
* Earn your investment back in a heartbeat.
* GET PAID every Friday

Get started for just a one time payment of...
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